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eLase with Motif Technology

excelV Vascular Laser

Precisely Versatile

The award winning excel V™ is the only tunable laser system on the market that combines two ultra-precise, best-in-class laser wavelengths (532/1064 nm) in one device. Delivering precision treatment parameters with unmatched versatility, excel V has the flexibility to treat any case, from superficial and deep vascular conditions to benign pigmented lesions

Get the WOW!

For most noninvasive medical aesthetic procedures, results become visible over a course of treatments.

But with excel V, both practitioners and patients are saying “WOW!” for a broad range of applications where the results are immediate. See for yourself why excel V is so great at producing “WOW”.

Proprietary truPulse™ technology

CUTERA’s truPulse™ technology is the only true long-pulse Nd:YAG to deliver consistent and sustained energy throughout the pulse duration solidifying excel V’s position as the first clinically effective long-pulse Nd:YAG for lower extremity vascular lesions such as leg veins.


Go Green with 532 nm

In a side-by-side, split face clinical study published in Dermatologic Surgery*, the 532 nm KTP laser was at least, if not more, effective than the 595 nm pulsed-dye laser in all subjects with facial telangiectasia and telangiectatic erythema (redness). The study also showed that the 532 nm KTP laser achieved quicker clearing of targeted lesions in addition to increased patient comfort when compared to the 595 nm pulsed-dye laser.

excelV Technical Specifications
 CoolviewGenesis V
Wavelength532 nm1064 nm1064 nm
Max Delivered Energy1.8-42 J/cm22 - 300 J/cm24 - 7 J/cm2
Pulse Duration1.5 - 40 ms5 - 60 ms300 us
Treatment Spot Size101 Spot Options (2-12mm)10 mm
Repetition Rate0 to 4 Hz0 to 2 Hz0 to 10 Hz
Epidermal CoolingCold Sapphire, Adjustable 5-20°C
Aiming Beam650 nm
Dimensions35” H, 16” W, 24” D
Weight185 Lbs.
Electrical200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20A/30A

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