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eLase with Motif Technology

Canfield Intelli-Studio

The Core of a dedicated photo studio

A dedicated photo studio, custom designed for your practice, makes consistent clinical quality photography fast and convenient.

Repeatable camera and patient positioning together with consistent, proper lighting are essential for professional medical images. Nothing matches the Canfield intellistudio for fast and easy positioning to get the right view pre-op, and again to match it in the post-op session.

Glide the entire studio to any location on sturdy casters.

Smoothly adjust the camera height with the perectly counterbalanced carriage.

Integrated ranging lights assure perect camera-to-subject distance for every picture.

Canfield's industry-standrad Mirror software adds image capture and management tools to your solution, including Matchpose for perfectly registered before-and-after images.

Add a laptop for tethered capture directly into your patient's chart

Flexible solutions allow you to select the lighting, camera, software, and tethered laptop configuration that fits your needs.

Canfield's medical photography experts have the knowledge and experience to design a photography studio to fit the needs of your practice. We can supply and install all the necessary equipment and train your staff to capture consistently good clinical photos.

From facial imaging to full body photography, Canfield's Intellistudio assures the razor sharp, repeatable, color balanced imaging demanded in clinical applications.

Intellistudio integrated solution or a smaller space

Add an on-broad Intellipanel lighting system or mobile convenience-ust position and shoot.

Large area panel flash provides uniform lighting over the entire subject area.

Center mounted camera eliminates distracting shadows. Effecient design produces high output with low power consumption.

Key Feartures:


Select fixed strobes for a dedicated photo studio or integrated IntelliPanel flash unit for a mobile solution.


Canfield's exclusive camera mount system allows you to quickly switch camera orientation from vertical to horizontal, or easily remove the camera from the studio for hand-held photography.

Laptop Arm

The laptop arm keeps your computer at your fingertips for tethered image capture.

Ranging Lights

Dual LEDs project two illuminated spots on the subject. When the camera-to-subject distance is correct the lights converage into a single spot.

Counterbalanced Carriage

An integral lock holds the carriage firmly in place; a light squeeze of the handle grip releases the carriage for effortless height adjustment.


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