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Artichoke Extract

x.prof 010 Artichoke extract


The lipolytic action of Cynara scolymus occurs by enhancing the synthesis of the NAD-NADH2 and NADP-NADPH2 coenzymes involved in reducer anabolic processes that are mainly used in fatty acid synthesis in the adipose tissue and the liver.Its composition includes different acids and salts, and its main active substance, cynarin, has an effective diuretic action that, together with inulin, acts on lipid metabolism increasing diuresis and the renal concentration of urea, stimulating liver ureagenesis and acting favourably on the metabolism of cholesterol.


Its use is indicated in several aesthetic disorders related to cellulite in all its forms and in overweight.


 x.prof 011 Caffeine.


Caffeine is a chemical substance of the group of alkaloids of plant origin. It belongs to the family of xanthan bases, that share a purin nucleus. It is a trimethylxanthin purinic base, with a molecular weight of 194.2. Caffeine is involved in the lipolysis process, inhibiting phosphodiesterase, the enzyme responsible for cyclic AMP degradation, which stimulates adipocyte triglyceridolipase, reducing overloads and mobilising lipids by the enzymatic degradation of triglycerides. Caffeine also acts on the mobilisation and metabolisation of free fatty acids.


Along with its lipolytic properties, its high and quick absorption via percutaneous administration improves the results of the treatments without causing systemic effects.


x.prof 012  L-Carnitine.


 L-Carnitine decreases the availability in the adipocytes of fatty acids and of glycerol released during the lipolytic process. During the lipolysis process, triglycerides break down into two fractions: glycerol and fatty acids. These esterified fatty acids have a limited capacity for penetration in the mitochondria, requiring a physiological carrier to complete this step. This carrier is L-carnitine, thanks to which activated fatty acids are deviated to oxidation and are not used by the body in the neoformation of TGC, therefore leading to a lower cytoplasmatic bioavailability of activated fatty acids. Therefore, L-carnitine is known as a fat digesting molecule or carrier, since its main function is to carry fatty acids inside the mitochondria.


Moves and carries fat and cellulite, lipolytic action.

Organic Silicon

x.prof 013 / x.prof 014 Organic silicon.

Properties or organic silicon:

Silanols are biologically active, water-soluble organic silicon compounds. They cause an intraadipocyte action of the AMPc, stimulating the activation of triglyceride lipolysis and hydrolysis without affecting cell metabolism. Organic silicon is a structural component of connective tissue that in turn is contained in macromolecules such as elastin, collagen, proteoglycans and structural glycoproteins, preventing their destructuration.Its use in electromesotherapy enhances the stimulation of fibroblasts, promoting the biosynthesis of collagen and elastic fibres, enhancing regeneration of epidermal and dermal cells, hindering the non-enzyme glycosylation of connective tissue proteins, since it is an effective metabolic protector, thus avoiding degradation.


Aging. Regeneration.Stretch lines.Cellulite. It also has a significant lipolytic activity not only due to its action in the adipocytes, seven times greater than other lipolytics, but also because it regenerates fibrillar elements and corrects orange peel skin. Cellulite with a vascular component.

Melilot and Rutin extract

x.prof 015 Melilot and Rutin extract..

Properties of sweet clover and rutin:

This combination of active substances has multiple benefits applicable to the field of aesthetics. On the one hand, coumarin, the main active substance of sweet clover extract, has a high lymphotropic activity, is an effective reducer of inflammatory conditions thanks to its action against active oxygen radicals and reduces capillary permeability by the inhibition of leukotrienes (ltb4) via lipoxygenase. On the other hand, rutin is responsible for the biochemical inhibition of the arachidonic acid pathway, enhancing the lipolytic action of other substances. It reduces histamine release reducing inflammatory conditions, capillary permeability and oedema. It causes on the connective tissue an increased synthesis of collagen in the vascular walls and has an anti-free radical and antilipoperoxidant action. It activates return venous blood flow.


Cellulite with fluid retention.


x.prof 017 / x.prof 018 Mesostabyl.

Properties of phosphatidylcholine:

polyunsaturated phosphatidylcholine is a choline phospholipid containing 80% of linoleic acid, 15% of oleic acid, and 5% of linolenic acid. It belongs to the group of stimulants by degradation, mobilisation and removal of lipids. In the body, it is the lipoproteins that carry lipids to their target tissues, their structure is adapted for carrying these lipids. It activates lipases and reduces the synthesis of TGC (triglycerides). It helps in fat solubilisation.


Treatment of fat deposits and xanthelasmas.

Lipoplus Ginkgo Biloba

x.prof 037 Lipoplus ginkgo biloba.

Properties of Ginkgo Biloba:

Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract reduces capillary permeability and has a major antivaricose vein effect and a eutrophic action on connective tissue, increasing collagen synthesis in the blood vessel wall. It has an adequate lipolytic action by stimulating the hormone-sensitive lipase. It achieves a higher reduction of oxidative stress induced over epidermal cells by ultraviolet radiation than that achieved by beta-carotenes and vitamin E. It is a good eutrophic agent, since it protects collagen and hyaluronic acid and in venous insufficiency of the lower extremities. Useful for the treatment of lipodystrophia associated with microflow problems.


Cellulite with vascular component. Androgenic alopecia.


x.prof 022 Piruvex.

Properties of Piruvex:

Pyruvate is a physiological alpha-ketoacid that is metabolically at the end of the glycolytic pathway and is transformed into lactate (alpha-hydroxyacid) by the action of lactodehydrogenase. Both stimulate fibroblastic activity and, specifically, collagen synthesis. Since it is very close to the central link of the metabolism of acetyl-co-A, several metabolic pathways are started through a number of actions of the enzyme set in the mitochondrial membrane that lead to the formation of 15 ATP molecules for each pyruvate molecule; in addition to this energetic action, the use of pyruvate increases adipocyte production of glycerol up to 20 times from baseline, which leads to an accelerated lipolytic action.


Cellulite (associated with other lipolytics),Collagen regenerating and energising action ideal for skin aging treatments.Stretch lines. All types of alopecia (using it in combination with other regenerating agents, such as organic silicon, proteochondroitin sulphate or Asian centella).


x.prof 023 Cosmeretin.

Properties of Vitamin A:

Retinol is a product that, like alpha-hydroxyacids, is very widely used in dermatology. In the dermis it acts by stimulating fibroblasts, inhibiting collagen degradation that enhances neoangiogenesis and fibronectin synthesis. Its topical administration causes an increased shedding in the epidermis, enhancing the penetration of other substances.


Skin photoaging. Antiwrinkles. Stretch lines.


x.prof 021 3% DMAE.

Properties of DMAE:

Dimethylaminoethanol is a precursor of acetylcholine, acting as stabiliser and antioxidant of the cell membrane, protecting it from organic stress. Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved in muscle tone increase, returns firmness to tissues undergoing aging, counteracting flaccidity. In combination with hyaluronic acid it obtains a good synergistic effect in antiage treatments, causes general improvement of the skin by causing a tensor and reaffirming effect, increases moisturising by re-establishing fibroblastic function and skin brightness.


Skin flaccidity. Protector against the damage caused by free radicals. Protector against the damage caused by free radicals.

Lipoplus Oligoelements

x.prof 035 Lipoplus oligoelements.

Properties of Oligoelements:

Oligoelements are located in the body at a percentage of 0.01%, and their presence is essential for an adequate function of almost all biological processes. They reinforce the body defences against aggressions and help recover lost balance. Zinc has a double antioxidant effect. On the one hand, because zinc ions appear to displace other metals that may act as pro-oxidants, such as copper and iron at critical sites such as cell membranes and proteins. On the other hand, because it appears to stimulate metallothionein production, a protein that protects against the action of free radicals, particularly those formed after exposure to UV radiation. In addition, it improves healing. Therefore, the topical use of zinc ions for the skin is a significant aid for defence against oxidative stress. Due to the hormonal affinity of the three trace elements they are used in combination; their objective is to achieve endocrine regulation. Cu is involved as a cofactor of multiple enzymes.


Antioxidant. To improve metabolic obesities. To improve inflammatory conditions.

Venofresh 0.5% - 2%

x.prof 038 / x.prof 039 Lipoplus venofresh 0,5% - 2%.

Properties of Venofresh:

Polyethylene glycol dodecyl ether is a non-ionic tensioactive substance that acts on the cell membrane by reducing the permeability of sodium ions and at high concentrations also potassium ions.


It helps recover the necessary comfort in several aesthetic disorders of venous origin.

Recovery treatment of the antiaesthetic spider veins of vascular origin, particularly in people who are allergic or intolerant to other products.


x.prof 019 Dexpanthenol.

Properties of dexpanthenol:

D-panthenol (alcohol) is a derivative of pantothenic acid (an organic acid) whose d-isomer has an activity such as that of vitamin B5, but which must be added to coenzyme A to perform its actions, when it is then involved in multiple enzyme reactions in the metabolism of immediate ingredients; a molecule necessary for several vital chemical reactions occurring in the cells. Pantothenic acid is essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and for the synthesis of hormones and cholesterol.


It is used for the treatment of alopecia (hair loss), usually associated with biotin. It exerts a trophic action in the epithelia and the metabolism of lipids, so it yields special results in seborrhoeic alopecia.

Hyaluronic Acid

x.prof 108 Hyaluronic acid.

Properties of hyaluronic acid:

Hyaluronic acid is a natural polysaccharide that belongs to the group of glycosaminoglycans, present in several live tissues. It fulfills a significant function in the skin structure and is responsible for its elasticity.Hyaluronic acid has the ability to retain water at a percentage equivalent to thousand times its molecular weight providing volume and enhancing epidermal moisturising. Due to its viscosity it ensures the cohesion of connective tissues. It activates fibroblastic function and collagen synthesis and several skin growth factors, slowing down natural aging processes.


The cross-linking of the hyaluronic acid chain fills the interfibral spaces of collagen gel, causing water retention, as if it were a molecular sponge, which leads it to be indicated as a treatment to improve scars and wrinkles.


x.prof 110  X-AND.

Properties Of X-DNA:

X-DNA has a restoring ability of cell proteins and connective tissue of the dermis damaged by sun exposure, oxidative stress or smoking, allowing for the recovery of collagen proteins. Its efficacy level is dependent on the size of the DNA chain used, since the high polymerisation leads the product to be more active and to improve tissue penetration. It has a synergistic action with vitamin E.


It is particularly indicated in all facial aging treatments, when wrinkles are associated with dehydrated, dry, dull skin, with incipient ptosis.

It may also be used secondarily to fight cellulite, helping to reestablish microflow and rebuild connective tissue, in addition to neutralising free radicals.

Vitamin C 20%

x.prof 020 Vitamin C 20%.

Properties of Vitamin C:

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is part of the group of antioxidant vitamins, together with vitamins A and E. It is the main water-soluble non-enzyme antioxidant of the skin. It plays a major role in the regeneration of alpha-tocopherol, the active form of vitamin E, as well as a co-factor in procollagen hydroxylation. It stimulates collagen synthesis by activating its transcriptional regulating-effector gene. It is involved in the synthesis of significant components of the extracellular matrix of connective tissue and in the activation of peptide hormones and in the catabolism of tyrosine. It is an effective whitening agent and also causes antioxidant, turgent effects on the connective tissue.


Protection against oxidation by UV rays. Antiaging. Melasma.Hair loss due to seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Bioflash NCTC 109

x.prof 109 Bioflash NCTC 109.

Properties of Bioflash:

Bioflash is a formulation designed for providing the skin with a high variety of essential micronutrients involved in physiological cell biochemical processes that, under normal physiological conditions, are provided by skin microflow that is lost by the natural or accelerated aging process, losing the trophic function.


Bioflash acts as a rejuvenator and toner of skin tissue, enhances cell repair phenomena, beating the expression of skin aging.


x.prof 024 Proteoplus.

Properties of Proteoplus:

Proteoglycans/glycosaminoglycans, the family to which proteochondroitin sulphate belongs, are the structural components of the interstitial matrix. They are synthesized in the fibroblast in only 2 minutes. GAGs are non-branched polysaccharide chains; it is calculated that they may absorb up to 50 cc of water per gram of dry weight. Due to their polar nature, provided with negatively charged sugar chains, PG/GAGs can fix water and exchange ions and, therefore, their main function is to maintain the isoiony, isotony and isoosmy of the matrix, participate in all metabolic and nutritional process of the cell and exert a filtering effect of all molecules reaching the matrix.


Skin aging.Antioxidant.


x.prof025Hydrotaurin .

Properties of Hydrotaurin:

Taurin is a sulphured amino acid extensively distributed throughout the human body, exerting major metabolic functions and stabilising cell membranes in electrically active tissues. It has antioxidant and detoxifying properties, with a protector effect that attenuates damage to the cell DNA.


Osmoregulation and moisturising. Antioxidant.Cytoprotection against environmental aggressions. Protection of skin epithelium.

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