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eLase with Motif Technology


Aesthetic gains with minimal pain

Dual Yellow Multi Wavelength Laser

  • 578 Yellow Output-Vascular
  • 511 Green Output-Pigmentation
  • 578 Yellow Output-PDT
  • 578 Yellow Output-Rejuvenation
  • Y10G Yellow & Green Output-Melasma
  • G30Y Green & Yellow Output-Bulky lesions

Each wavelength is powered by our copper bromide based technology to penetarte deeply, without creating collateral damage. The dual Yellow multi wavelength laser eliminates the need for other aesthetic lasers, with proven results in over 30 different countries and all sin types on the FitzpatricK I-VI scale.

Dual Yellow Contact delivery devices

The range of Dual Yellow delivery devices oer ease of operation and consistent outcomes for the patient. Energy lost on the surface of the skin through reflection is reduced, as is heat from scattered energy in the stratum corneum and epidermis. The result is a vast reduction in pain for the patient, and better post treatment recovery, with no need to cool the sin after treatment.

Without FEM, you won't get the results your patient deserves

Since its inception 20 years ago, FEM (Fast Edge Micropulse) has ensured that aesthetic treatment has minimal discomfort and maximum therapeutic benefits. This is achieved with a unique train of thousands of nanosecond pulses per second of powerful yellow light to stimulate the cytochromes in the dermal tissue directly.

FEM technology optimizes the excitation of chemical reactions within cells but limits thermal damage to other structure which can cause PIH (post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation).FEM wors on three levels, combining power, delivery and penetartion to create intracellular activity.

  • Penetration Depth| This is vital delivering the correct amount of energy without causing collateral damage to the surrounding tissue.
  • Collateral Damage| Dual Yellow multi wavelength laser delivers 22,000 nanosecond pulses per second and is able to change the cell structure, necrose vessels and suppress VEGF without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue
  • Treatment Efficacy| By combining high peak power (3kW) and a train o nanosecond pulses the Dual Yellow multi wavelength laser provides the most efficient treatment platform for both user and patient.

FEM Technology provides the penetration depth without the associated collateral damage. Clinical studies show that treatment from Dual Yellow multi wavelength laser suppresses vascular endothelial growth factor thus removing any chance of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. If the peak power density is too low then there is insufficient energy to cause intra cellular changes. However if the energy is too high then cellular damage occurs. In the region of 3kW the peak efficacy of treatment occurs.

The peak power density of laser systems is often overlooed when considering performance and treatment efficacy. This should be a maor consideration along with selective wavelength in the successful treatment o melasma, acne and a range of other photochemical modalities. Norseld has incorporated FEM technology which optimizes the power density required particularly for the successful treatment of melasma.

Global Use Covering every skin type

Our lasers are used in North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe, covering every skin type on the Fitzpatrick I-VI scale. Since 1989, we have led the world for medical applications using copper bromide lasers. Norseld's Dual Yellow multi wavelength laser and FEM technology has helped thousands of people around the world to improve their aesthetic loos and treat serious sin ailments. We are proud to know that these treatments have minimal discomfort, while helping people to feel better about themselves.

Your Obligation Free Clinical Trail

We know that once you try the Dual Yellow multi wavelength laser in your own clinic, you will be amazed at the results and enjoy the quality of care it provides to your patients. Undoubtedly, with the results you provide to your patients, they are sure to share with others the aesthetic improvements they have benefited from, for all the world to see.


  • High revenue earning capacity
  • Excellent results rapidly increases client base
  • Immediate improvement in apperance
  • Flexiable energy choices for optimising treatment
  • Mostly single treatment
  • High power for rapid treatment and minimal damage to surrounding skin
  • No purpura response
  • No burising
  • Bloodless lesion removal
  • Multiple handpieces
  • Convenient compact movable control panel.
  • Simple touch screen for precise control

Dual Yellow multi wavelength technical data

  • 578nm (Yellow)
  • 511nm (Green)
  • G30Y (Green with 30% Yellow)
  • Y10G (Yellow with 10% Green)
Depending on handpiece used
Fluence on the skin (nominal) Adustable
  • Yellow 1-300J/cm
  • Green 3-300J/cm
  • G30Y 5-300J/cm
  • Y10G 3-300J/cm
Note: minimum & maximum fluence depends on the handpiece used
Variable pulse width 10-950ms
Variable pulse rate 1-20 pps (Hz) (shutter rate)
Spot Size 0.6mm & 1.0mm standard
Beam delivery via optical fibre
Scanner 5mm, 10mm patterns
Power supply 200-240 V +/-10% (50/60Hz)
Power Consumption Approx.1700 W standard wall socket
Laser dimensions 28x62x100cm (BxHxD)
Laser Weight 50Kg (approximately)
Display panel dimensions 25x20x26cm (BxHxD)
Monitor High resolution LCD colour touchscreen display
Classification Therapeutic laser conforming to EN 60825-1,laser class 4

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